Blue List Expedition 2020

JAND Events was pleased to organise & manage this great event. We started the journey for the Blue List Expedition – ultimate luxury lifestyle – at Royal Phuket Marina, this was a unique opportunity to visit the Zeavola Resort & Spa on Phi Phi island, as in any normal year it would not be possible to have an exclusive event such as this at the Zeavola Resort. During the three days, participants were greeted with a collection of lavish experiences, fabulous parties and lifestyle activities which were pulled together for unique and carefully selected guests. Featuring over 15 yachts, this expedition was a chance to indulge in the finest things life has to offer. There was plenty of delicious food, high-class drinks and extravagant parties over the weekend, everybody enjoyed the barefoot experience of the Zeavola Resort and meeting old and new friends alike.