MICE – Exhibitions

An exhibition is more than a floor plan and booth spaces. An exhibition requires meticulous planning from the outset. The concept and target market need to be researched alongside suitable venues. There is no “one size fits all”. A venue that works for one exhibition, will not work for another and JAND Events can work with you through this process. If the planning is right at the beginning, it will save stress and money, later on.

With a wealth of exhibition experience in delivering MICE events, JAND Events knows what works and what doesn’t. We will make you stand out from the crowd, help to position your exhibition different from the competition, and deliver a successful event for you and your customers.

Our creative team can help design and build booths, free-standing displays and create unique sets for raw space installation, as well as developing collaterals and multimedia displays as required. You can contract us to deliver the complete exhibition, break-out activities, social functions, catering, set-up, launches and deliver the entire event from start to knock-down, or we can deliver individual services, bespoke to your needs.

Going beyond the exhibition itself, we can provide full destination services including travel and accommodation, on-the-ground transportation and logistics support, as well as excursion options for your clients.

Contact us now to discuss your exhibition and find out how we can help you.